Expiration of CAEN Accounts

  • CAEN Accounts are validated periodically for continued eligibility.
  • Ineligible CAEN Account holders will be notified via email three weeks prior to the expiration of their account.
  • Individuals may retain their CAEN Account if eligibility can be verified through University data sources, such as Wolverine Access.

CAEN Account Expiration Schedule

The CAEN Account expiration schedule for Fall 2017 is as follows:

  • Tuesday, September 26 - Initial warning messages regarding the expiration of CAEN Accounts are sent via email.
  • Tuesday, October 10 - Access to CAEN computer labs and CAEN VMware View computers is disabled for expiring accounts; final warning messages are sent via email.
  • Monday, October 16 - Warning period ends at 11:59 p.m.; expired CAEN Accounts are backed up and deleted.

Note: CAEN reserves the right to expire accounts for students who withdraw from courses or transfer out of the College of Engineering, or for employees based on their last day of employment at the College of Engineering; even if the date is outside of the normal expiration period.

Retaining Your CAEN Account

If you receive an expiration warning message from CAEN, and you believe an error has been made and you are eligible to retain your CAEN Account, you must submit an online application at the CAEN Account Validation web page (requires lgoin with your U-M Google account). All requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Information outlining who is eligible for a CAEN Account is available on the CAEN Account Eligibility page.

Retrieving Your Files Before Your Account Expires

If you are no longer eligible for a CAEN Account, you must retrieve the files stored in your CAEN online file storage before your account expires. Your CAEN online file storage will no longer be available to you once your account expires, and all files stored there may be permanently deleted after the expiration period ends.

Copying your files to an external device or other media from any CAEN computer is one option for making a personal backup. You may also download your files to your personal computer over the Internet. Refer to the our knowledge base for:

Your Other Computing Accounts at U-M

Only CAEN Accounts are affected by the process described above.

Any other computing accounts you may have at the University (e.g. ITS, EECS DCO, ARC-TS...) are not affected. University-wide services such as U-M Google Mail, IFS Personal Storage, and U-M Library access are also not affected.