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Senior Management Team

CAEN is organized as a department reporting to the College of Engineering Dean's office, and is led by the Executive Director of Information Technology.

Mark Giuffrida
Director of CAEN
2172 Duderstadt Center
(734) 936-1825

Mark is responsible for the quality and availability of CAEN's services and facilities. He is also responsible for CAEN's overall technical and business operations and assists the Executive Director of Information Technology in administering the department. In addition, Mark plans and coordinates the College's information security efforts.

Nicole Heffernan
Manager of Web Services
2356C Duderstadt Center
(734) 764-1422

Nikki is responsible for defining the web services provided by CAEN, and for the selection and support of the technology that supports the College's web-related activities. She also works with the College community to identify and provide appropriate solutions for their web publishing requirements.

Don Lambert
Manager of CAEN Student Computing Environment
5109 Engineering Research Building 1
(734) 647-8055

Don is responsible for the development and deployment of the CAEN Student Computing Environment.

Daniel Maletta
Executive Director of Information Technology
2170 Duderstadt Center
(734) 936-3565

Dan is responsible for setting and articulating CAEN's vision, overall directions, policies, and priorities. He also provides direction to the department's senior management team.

Steven Mattson
Associate Director of Technology and Infrastructure
2164 Duderstadt Center
(734) 936-3561

Steve is responsible for planning and designing the College of Engineering's enterprise information technology environment.

John Muckler
Associate Director of IT Operations and Facilities
2176 Duderstadt Center
(734) 936-3501

John is responsible for the coordination and planning of operations and facilities support, including CAEN computer labs and College classrooms. John also directs and plans the activities of the CAEN Hotline and CAEN Administrative Office.

Amadi Nwankpa
Faculty Liaison and Associate Director of Software Application Services
2356A Duderstadt Center
(734) 763-6812

Amadi is responsible for the management and deployment of the College's application software library. As CAEN's Faculty Liaison, Amadi provides one-on-one consulting for faculty members in order to help them make the most effective use of the College of Engineering's information technology environment in their teaching and research.

Philip Treib
Director of Instructional Technology
2356E Duderstadt Center
(734) 936-2310

Phil is responsible for the design and support of the College of Engineering's instructional technology environment and related technology. Philip is also the primary developer of the CAEN's classroom lecture recording and publishing system.