Engineering Base Desktop Deployment Guide

  1. Turn on the computer and immediately press the function key that triggers a network boot (F12 on HP computers).
  2. After the network boot, you should see a Windows Deployment Services boot image selection screen. Select the Engineering Base Desktop boot image.
  3. Press Next to begin the Task Sequence Wizard:
  4. Next you will be presented with either a list of task sequences to choose from or a single task sequence. Highlight the most recent EBD 2016 Current Release option, and click Next.
  5. You may be presented with the Edit Task Sequence Variables screen. If this screen is displayed, double-click OSDComputerName:
  6. In the Edit Variable pop-up window, enter the computer name, and click OK to return to the Edit Task Sequence Variables screen:
  7. Click Next:
    • There must be a corresponding computer object in Active Directory or it will not join the domain.
    • If the task sequence begins without displaying this screen our system already has an association between this MAC address and a computer name. The previous computer name is used automatically.
  8. The task sequence will begin. Windows 10 and supporting applications will be installed in approximately two hours (depending on hardware and network speed).