Obtaining a CAEN Account

  • The process for obtaining CAEN Account access may differ depending on an individual’s role at the College of Engineering.
  • Contact the CAEN Help Desk with any questions about obtaining a CAEN Account.


All members of the College of Engineering must obtain their U-M uniqname and ITS computing account prior to requesting a CAEN Account. In general, the process for obtaining access to a CAEN Account varies depending on one’s role at the College:

  • Students – Most new or incoming College of Engineering students will automatically receive their CAEN Account immediately prior to the first term in which they are enrolled in courses. Other U-M students who register for a College of Engineering course will also receive automatic access. Students who have registered for courses and find they do not have access during the term (i.e. cannot log into CAEN computers) must visit the CAEN Help Desk to submit a request. Students must bring their Mcard to prove their identity and provide their full UMID #. Access to CAEN Account services cannot be issued unless a student’s enrollment can be verified by official University data, provided by Wolverine Access.
  • Faculty & Staff – New College of Engineering faculty and staff will automatically receive their CAEN Account access within a week after their employment start date. If a faculty member requires access prior to their start date, designated departmental IT support staff may request the account on their behalf and provide verification of employment. Otherwise, access to CAEN resources cannot be issued unless eligibility can be verified from official University employment data.

All other individuals should review the CAEN Account eligibility requirements to see if they may obtain access, and contact the CAEN Help Desk with any additional questions.