Technical Guide to Event Panels

  • Select College of Engineering classrooms are equipped with Event Production Panels to allow an event producer to tie into the A/V system in the room.
  • This page details the connections available on these panels, and is intended to assist the technical producer in planning equipment needs for events taking place in classrooms.

Event Panel Configurations

There are two different versions of the Event Production Panel that you will encounter in College of Engineering classrooms, although the connections provided are the same:

Rackmount version of Event Panel
Rackmount Event Production Panel – Found in the A/V rack in or near the lectern

Wall mount version of Event Panel
Wall-mounted Event Production Panel – Usually found at the rear of a classroom

Available Connections

Type Connector Label Purpose
Video: Camera Input Composite video signal to override the room’s built-in pan/tilt/zoom camera. Use this to connect a user-provided camera to feed the room’s lecture recorder. Provided on a female BNC jack.
Camera Output Composite video output from the room’s built-in pan/tilt/zoom camera. If a user-provided camera is connected to the Camera Input connection above, then that signal will be output here instead. Provided on a female BNC jack.
Audio: Input to Recorder & Speakers Line level signal to feed the lecture recorder and room speakers. Useful for adding microphones that are to be heard over the room’s speakers, such as those used for panel discussions. Provided on a female XLR jack.
Input to Recorder Only Line level signal to feed the lecture recorder only. Use this for microphones that do not need to be played on the room’s speakers, such as boundary mics picking up a large area for group presentations or audience questions. Provided on a female XLR jack.
Output for Left and Right Channels Line level stereo output that can feed user-provided recording or broadcast equipment. Feed includes all microphones, sources at the lectern, and the inputs on the event panel. Provided on two male XLR jacks.
Content: VGA Output The VGA (RGBHV) signal being sent to the projector. Only includes high-resolution sources such as laptop, lectern PC, and document camera. DVD/VCR players do not output on this port. Provided on a female VGA (HD-15) jack.

Note: All audio connections are balanced line-level on XLR connectors. This means a typical microphone can not be plugged in directly. Instead, a user-supplied microphone preamp will be necessary. To connect multiple microphones, a user-supplied mixer with a line-level output will also be needed.

Notes on Using the Lecture Recorder

Many College of Engineering classrooms are equipped with a built-in lecture recorder. Recorder-equipped rooms have a pan/tilt/zoom camera installed at the rear of the room. The Camera In connection on the above panel will override this camera with one you provide. The recorder will receive the same audio feed as is available at the Out Left and Right connections on the panel.

The pan/tilt/zoom camera in the room can be controlled by a user with sufficient permissions using their laptop. This is done by connecting to the wireless network, and directing a web browser to the College of Engineering Lecture Capture System. The user must have a valid U-M uniqname, as well as a recording site set up with permissions to record in that particular room. Sites and permissions can be requested by sending email to or contact CAEN online.

Recordings can also be scheduled ahead of time to run for a particular room and site. You can request to have these entered into the system using the contact info listed above.