Clickers – Student Response Systems


Student response systems, also known as “Clickers,” allow an instructor to query students in a classroom and test comprehension of lecture concepts. The use of clickers can provide several advantages to both the instructor and students. The instructor can adjust their lecture on the spot to best match student learning, and students can answer posted questions anonymously and not have to risk appearing incorrect in front of their peers. The use of clickers may also help students focus on lecture content by engaging them in a two-way interaction as opposed to the one-way format of a traditional lecture. Results of a query are available immediately to the instructor, and can be optionally shared with the entire class via the projector.

How to Start Using iClicker


iClicker is a flexible and user-friendly response system that is supported by CAEN for use in Engineering courses. iClicker receivers are installed in most College of Engineering classrooms, and instructors can connect to the system directly from their computer to capture responses from their students.

Instructors will need access to a computer running Windows or Mac OS to run the iClicker software, with an available USB port for their iClicker instructor remote. Instructor remotes are available for purchase from the U-M Computer Showcase. The U-M specific version of the instructor software can be downloaded from the LSA ISS iClicker Software & Hardware page.

Further Help

If you are an Engineering instructor interested in using iClicker, we have provided information in our knowledge base for how to get started. You can also contact a CAEN consultant with questions, or for more information on using the system in your course.