Echo360 – Stream & Record Lectures


Echo360 is a lecture streaming and recording platform that was partly developed at the University of Michigan, and is an option for conducting large class lectures online. It currently offers free and unlimited access to U-M faculty through June 30, 2020. Using Echo360, an instructor can live stream to students at scheduled times from any Windows or Mac device, and have it recorded automatically.

How to Access Echo360

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Echo360 Class Capture app for your device at: (U-M Google login required)
  2. Install the downloaded software on your device using the InstitutionID file included with the above download link.
  3. Find the MAC address for your device and register it, the name of your course, and the days/times the course meets at the sign-up form:
  4. Once the form is submitted, your course should be scheduled within one business day, and you will be able to stream directly from your device to your class at The class will also be recorded.
  5. To include the recordings on your U-M Canvas course site, add the Active Learning Platform from Settings >> Navigation.

Further Help

For further assistance, refer to the Echo360 Getting Started page, and their Guide to Academic Continuity During Campus Disruptions.