Improving Your Screen Recordings

Screen recording software can be used to create a movie of anything shown on your computer screen along with your audio narration. The following tips may help you increase the production value of your screen recordings.


  • Use a quality microphone. A head-worn (headset) microphone or a quality USB microphone will generally be better than the built-in microphone in a laptop or desktop computer. Popular choices include the Blue Snowball and Snowflake and Plantronics headsets.
  • Use the zoom in/out feature. Camtasia and other popular screen recorders have the ability to zoom in and out of portions of the screen to highlight what is important. Take advantage of these features when you edit your video to focus the viewer’s attention where you want it.
  • Optimize your export settings if the finished product is not quite right. Changing the framerate, keyframe settings, and target bitrate can help fix blocky artifacts you see in your movie. Look for these to appear in portions of your recording with a lot of motion.
  • Clean up your desktop. Before recording, check if you left unnecessary or even private documents or windows open. Remember, unless you specify a specific region, anything visible on your screen will be recorded.