Acquiring Camtasia Screen Recording Software

  • Camtasia is a popular screen recording application available for both Windows and Mac OS.
  • A license is required for each individual computer on which the software is installed.
  • Licenses do not expire.


CAEN offers licenses of Camtasia only to regular faculty whose administrative home is in the College of Engineering. The Windows and Mac versions of Camtasia are not identical, however, both provide the same core screen recording and editing functionality, and both are a good fit for creating instructional content. Each license may only be used once per installation, and will never expire.

To request a license, fill out the Camtasia License Request Form. You will be asked to provide the name of your department’s administrative contact. Note: You can only access this request form from your U-M Google account. If you have trouble accessing the form, make sure you are logged out of any personal Google/Gmail accounts.

If you are not eligible for this program, you must contact TechSmith directly to request educational pricing.