CLSE Release Notes

This page provides announcements and updates related to the operating systems and software applications available in the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE).


Changes to the CLSE for Fall 2016

Changes to the CLSE this summer included upgrading the base operating systems to Microsoft Windows 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3, as well as removing the “I” (Instructional) or “R” (Research) computer designations. For further details on these changes, and more, refer to our recent Michigan Engineering news article.


QuickTime Removed from the CLSE for Windows

We have removed QuickTime from being available in Application Jukebox on computers running the CLSE for Windows. This was done in response to the following CERT advisory:


2016 Software Deployment Status

Two Google Sheets have been created that list the version and deployment status for each software title planned to be included in the CLSE for the upcoming academic year: