Access to Cadence & Synopsys Tools

Students in EECS courses have a variety of options available that provide access to Cadence and Synopsys tools for their coursework:

  • Desktop access is provided in CAEN Student Computing Labs.
  • On-campus access when connected to MWireless or using wired connections is provided via use of the Linux Login Service to the host
  • Off-campus network access from home may be granted to students.

Off-campus network access from home

The license terms for both Cadence and Synopsys software restrict off-campus network access to primary residences in the United States that are within a 50-mile radius of U-M Ann Arbor’s North Campus. Logging into a server that provides off-campus network access to Cadence and Synopsys will require your username, password, and use of Duo two-factor authentication.

To be allowed off-campus remote access to Cadence or Synopsys, you will need to do the following.

After you have completed the tasks above, you will be granted access to a special pool of servers,, from which Cadence and Synopsys can be run from your residence if you live in the United States and within 50 miles of North Campus. After agreeing to the off-campus license terms, it will take up to two business days before your username is authorized to log into these servers.

Use the CAEN VNC client or Secure Shell (SSH) to connect to After providing your uniqname, password, and verification with Duo two-factor authentication, you will be logged in and may run Cadence and Synopsys commands as though you were sitting directly at a CAEN Linux workstation.

If you received access to Cadence or Synopsys for course use, your access to run them over the network from home will be removed at the end of the term. If you have a Duo hardware token and no longer need it, you can sell it back to the U-M Computer Showcase.

Common problems & questions about using Cadence & Synopsys tools from off-campus

Why is Duo two-factor authentication necessary for logging in and using Cadence or Synopsys from off-campus?

The license terms require additional more protective security safeguards than just a password alone. This requirement is met by the use of Duo two-factor authentication.

I don’t have my Duo-enrolled device with me, can I still log in and use Cadence or Synopsys?

Yes. You can call 764-HELP for assistance. After you prove your identity, ITS support staff can issue you some temporary passcodes which you can use to log in for the next 12 hours. ITS recommends that you enroll more than one device in case there are issues with using your primary device.

Are you connecting correctly?

Make sure you are connecting to You can either use an SSH client, or the latest version of the CAEN VNC client.

Unable to log in? Getting an error message?

If you are unable to login, send an e-mail to Include information about how you are trying to log in, the name of the computer to which you are trying to connect, which software you are using, as well as what you observe (such as what point you get to and what, if any, error messages you get). Be sure to send the e-mail from your University of Michigan e-mail address ending in