Access to Synopsys Tools

Michigan Engineering students enrolled in courses that only meet in-person are automatically granted access to use Synopsys tools on CAEN computers for their coursework. CAEN provides a few options for access:

All enrolled Michigan Engineering students should already have CAEN Access, which is required to use the above services.

Requesting Remote Access to Synopsys

The license terms for Synopsys restrict remote network access to users whose primary residence is within a 50-mile radius of U-M Ann Arbor’s North Campus. Individuals who do not meet this restriction (e.g. students only enrolled in remote courses) that require access to Synopsys for their work must fill out and submit the CLSE Request for Software Access form, and describe their need for access. CAEN staff will review each request, and grant or deny access according to the license terms (i.e. submitting the form does not guarantee access to Synopsys will be granted).

Common Questions about Remote Access

I don’t have my Duo-enrolled device with me, can I still log in and use Synopsys?
Yes. You can call the ITS Service Center (734-764-4357) for assistance. After you prove your identity, ITS support staff can issue you temporary passcodes which you can use to log in for up to 12 hours. ITS recommends that you enroll more than one device in case there are issues with using your primary device.

Unable to log in? Getting an error message?
If you are unable to login, send an e-mail to [email protected]. Include information about how you are trying to log in, the name of the computer to which you are trying to connect, which software you are using, as well as what you observe (such as any error messages). Be sure to send the e-mail from your U-M e-mail address.