Team Development Tools

Tandem helps students and instructors with teamwork using automated tailored guidance for student teams and their instructors. Tandem delivers personalized coaching content to students based on how their team is doing. The lessons that students receive include exercises to help them create plans, assess progress, and reflect on their own behaviors.Tandem surveys students regularly so that instructors can monitor how the student teams are performing. Students see visualizations of their team’s survey data so that they can be more aware of their team’s health. Tandem is flexible; each course or program can set their own schedule, use pre-made lessons or customize parts of the content to fit their course, and determine what student measures matter to them. Instructor views in Tandem include customizable performance categories that identify teams who need support.

The Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness (CATME) SMARTER Teamwork is a system of secure, web-based tools that enable instructors to implement best practices in managing student teams. SMARTER Teamwork: System for Management, Assessment, Research, Training, Education, and Remediation for Teamwork. Instructors can assign students to more productive and better functioning teams. CATME provides instructors with team healthiness reports after collecting and analyzing self and peer evaluations and evaluating team processes. CATME can train students to work more effectively in teams and help students make team meetings more productive.CATME can identify teams having teamwork difficulties through the use of team satisfaction questions and personal safety questions