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Canvas Quizzes offers instructors the ability to quickly and easily set up exams and administer them to their students. A variety of question types are available for use for each exam from multiple choice to file upload questions. Instructors also have several options for administering exams from timed exams to the shuffling of questions for each student.

New Quizzes

Canvas New Quizzes, although not fully functional at this time, offer instructors a lot of the same options as Canvas Quizzes but with added question types at their disposal. Many of the same administration options in Canvas Quizzes are also available in Canvas New Quizzes. With an updated user interface for both students and instructors, Canvas New Quizzes will become the default quiz program in Canvas in the future.

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Gradescope offers instructors the ability to administer paper-based exams and grade them digitally. Students have the ability to use the Gradescope app to upload a digital version of their paper-based exam or instructors can batch scan all of the paper exams and upload them at one time.

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Prairie Learn is a specialized assessment program that will allow instructors to create one exam with multiple variables in order to offer multiple exam experiences for their students. Prairie Learn is a very powerful and unique assessment tool that requires the instructor to have a firm grasp on exactly what they are trying to assess.

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MiQuizMaker is a tool that was developed by CAEN in partnership with Mosaic in order to create multiple exam questions for assessment creation. By creating questions with a wide array of variables, instructors then have access to question banks with numerous iterations of specific questions.

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