Gradescope – Online Assignment Grading


Gradescope is a tool that supports the process of grading assignments and exams, whether paper-based, digital, or code. Instructors can see detailed assignment and question analytics in real-time, and students receive faster and more detailed feedback on their work. Gradescope also works with U-M Canvas, so instructors can grade and annotate student submissions online, and export scores for manual import to their Canvas gradebook.

How to Obtain Access to Gradescope

Gradescope is available to all U-M course instructors at no cost. Simply visit the main Gradescope website and fill out the Sign Up form. Be sure to use your email address when signing up.

Once enabled, an instructor can add it to their Canvas course site via the Navigation tab in the site Settings. Refer to Enabling External Apps.

Further Help

If you are interested in trying Gradescope, a good resource is their Get Started page. You can also contact Gradescope to discuss the options, and get help with any questions you may have.