Jamboard – Digital Whiteboard Application


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For course instructors who are accustomed to presenting on a whiteboard in the classroom, using a tablet (e.g. Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface…) can be a good replacement for displaying what you write remotely. Google’s Jamboard is an online whiteboard application that can host live sessions for creating and editing content whiteboard-style (sketch ideas, drop images, add notes…), and share it with group members via U-M Google Drive. The Jamboard tablet app can be used to perform all of the available editing tasks, and there are also phone and web apps available that offer a subset of the editing features.

How to Access Jamboard

Instructors who are interested in using Jamboard, or have questions about the Jamboard service should contact the ITS Service Center.

Further Help

For further information, refer to the ITS Google Jamboard page, or the Whiteboarding with Jamboard section on Google’s main Jamboard Help website.

Writing Tablets & Other Digital Whiteboard Options

Nexus provides information on other tools for creating an online, digital whiteboard. Refer to their Options for Using Slide Annotations via Writing Tablets document, and their Writing Tablets to Replace Whiteboards video tutorial: