Perusall – Collaborative Peer Annotation


Collaborative peer annotation tools help students actively engage with textbooks or other documents in a course. Instructors can assign textbooks, articles, or PDFs, and students annotate these documents and respond to each other’s comments and questions.

A service called Perusall provides many annotation features and includes the ability to purchase and use textbooks from many publishers. Instructors can also upload their own PDFs to Perusall, and there is no cost for instructors or students. Instead of reading a document and limiting discussions to the classroom, it brings the discussion to the text itself from anywhere. In addition, Perusall offers features like email alerts, filters, and analytics.

How to Access Perusall


Perusall integrates with U-M Canvas. After registering a Perusall account, an instructor can add it to their Canvas course site via the Navigation tab in the Site Settings. Refer to Enabling External Apps.

Further Help

If you are interested in using Perusall, their knowledge base provides a good starting point. You can also contact Perusall to discuss the options and get help with any questions you may have.