Learning Catalytics – Polling & Response App


Pearson’s Learning Catalytics is an interactive student response application that uses students’ smartphones, tablets, or laptops to engage in interactive tasks and thinking. As an instructor, you can pose a variety of open-ended questions that help your students develop critical thinking skills, while monitoring responses with real-time analytics to find out where they’re struggling. Learning Catalytics also lets you manage student interactions by grouping them for team-based learning, or peer-to-peer discussion.

How to Access Learning Catalytics

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Instructors can set up an account with unlimited access at no cost. Students will need to pay a small fee to download the app, which should be considered in the course syllabus planning. Refer to the Pearson Pricing web page for information on getting access.

Further Help

Instructors who are interested in using Learning Catalytics in their course should contact a Pearson rep. In addition, Prof. Steven Yalisove has extensive understanding about the tool, and is available to provide real-world experience from the classroom.