Kaltura Capture – Webcam & Screen Recording


When CAEN’s Lecture Recording Service is not an option and faculty need to make pre-recorded lectures outside of the classroom, screen recording software is a useful alternative for publishing video content.

Kaltura Capture is a University-supported application recommended for Michigan Engineering faculty that provides webcam and/or screen recording capability for making videos. It is especially useful for remote instructors who need to make a recording on their computer, outside of the classroom, and easily publish it directly to a Canvas course site. When using the software, the instructor will need access to a microphone on their computer for voice recording.

How to Obtain the Software

Kaltura Capture can be accessed by all University of Michigan faculty and staff at no cost.  The software application is available for Windows or Mac and can be downloaded directly through the My Media section in Canvas. It is recommended that instructors install and test out the software early to ensure it is a good fit for their needs, and that they don’t have any technical issues.

For instructions on downloading and getting started using Kaltura Capture with Canvas, refer to our knowledge base article.

Improving Screen Recordings

You can increase the production value of your Kaltura Capture videos through a variety of recording and annotation options. To begin, you should decide what you would like to show in the video. Recordings may include any combination of two display sources:

  • Computer Screen – For interactive recordings of software applications or presentations, such as when using Google or PowerPoint Slides.
  • Webcam – For recording yourself or objects via a computer-connected camera; Express Capture is a browser-based option that is available in the My Media section of Canvas.

Further Help

Nexus, Michigan Engineering’s online and professional education program, is well qualified to support faculty with using Kaltura Capture. Refer to their Pre-Recording Lectures Using Kaltura video tutorial.

If you have further questions about using Kaltura Capture at Michigan Engineering, you can email [email protected] for assistance.