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Departmental IT Support Staff

The following staff may be contacted for all non-CAEN, departmental-related computing support needs:

Department Contact Phone Email
Administration (LEC) Vaughn Vargo-Alevras (EACS) 647-7055 eacs@umich.edu
Aerospace Dave Mclean 936-0109 aero-it@umich.edu
Biomedical Charles Nicholas 763-9712 bme-it@umich.edu
Chemical Michael Africa 764-0012 che-cso@umich.edu
Civil & Environmental Rebi Varghese 763-9109 cee-it@umich.edu
CLaSP Faye Ogasawara 615-7616 srbithelp@umich.edu
EECS Don Winsor (DCO) 763-6323 help@eecs.umich.edu
IOE Chris Konrad 763-1377 ioe-support@umich.edu
Integrative Systems + Design

Materials Science Kevin Worth 936-0173 mse-it@umich.edu
Mechanical Matthew New 763-8906 me-it@umich.edu
NAME Nicholas Stauder 936-0573 name-it@umich.edu
Nuclear Jeffrey Weatherup 764-1744 ners-comp@umich.edu