Remote Access to CAEN Lab Services

  • Eligible members of Michigan Engineering have remote access to many CAEN services.
  • Both web-based and client services are available to access the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) remotely.
  • Students can print to any printer on campus, and access their personal files or documents from any computer.


Access the CLSE for Windows

Windows Remote Desktop Service
Authorized CAEN Account holders can create a remote desktop connection and simulate the CLSE for Windows using the VMware View client. Learn more…

Access the CLSE for Linux

Linux Login Service
Authorized CAEN Account holders also have remote access to software on the Linux edition of the CLSE. Learn more…

Access Your CAEN Online File Storage (Windows Home Directory)

Mount a Network Share
Access the files stored in your CAEN online file storage directly using SMB/CIFS or SFTP connections, and see how they’re regularly backed up. Learn more…