CAEN Computer Labs

  • CAEN computer labs are spaces located in College of Engineering buildings where students can conduct course-related work on Engineering-configured desktop computers.
  • The computers in these labs are generally only intended for use by students enrolled in Engineering courses; requiring full CAEN Access to log in.
  • Any computer running the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) provides access to applications on both Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • The CLSE is also provided on designated computers in the Duderstadt Center, and ITS-managed computing sites, such as residence halls.

CAEN Computer Lab in the NAME Building

CAEN computer labs are collaborative areas in College of Engineering spaces where students conduct Engineering course-related, instructional work on desktop computers operated by CAEN. These labs comprise a highly integrated and specialized environment that utilizes hardware and network file services to take advantage of engineering software administered. The computers in these locations are only available to College of Engineering students, faculty, and staff who have full CAEN Access.

Note: Some buildings may be closed to non-departmental individuals during evening and weekend hours. Building access is controlled by the College of Engineering Facilities Management Office.

CAEN Lab Software Environment

The CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) is the desktop computing environment installed in CAEN computer labs. It is a highly integrated and specialized collection of software for Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and is designed to provide a standardized computing environment to support the course-related, instructional needs of College of Engineering students. The Windows and Linux versions of the CLSE are both available via dual-boot computers.

The Duderstadt Center

The Duderstadt Center provides all University of Michigan faculty, staff, and enrolled students access to hundreds of computers running the CLSE. CAEN Access is not required to log into the computers in this building, however, students must be enrolled in at least one U-M course during the current term. Also, due to licensing restrictions, sponsored affiliates and/or visiting scholars may not log into these computers.

ITS Computing Sites with the CLSE

ITS-managed computers running the CLSE can also be found in many non-Engineering locations, such as residence halls, the Michigan Union, and the Ross Academic Center. While these locations are not operated by CAEN, full CAEN Access is still required to log in and run the CLSE software on the computers.

Policies & Additional Information

Several policies are in place to make CAEN labs and the CLSE as comfortable and productive as possible for every College of Engineering student, while maintaining the high level of service that CAEN strives to provide. Students are encouraged to contact the CAEN Help Desk to report any problems using CAEN computer labs.