Instructional & Classroom Technology

    • Presentation systems, including projectors, lecterns, sound systems, and room controls, may be used by any instructor or presenter in the 50 College of Engineering centrally-scheduled classrooms.
    • Room-based lecture recording systems are installed in most of the classrooms, and other on-campus locations, with additional installations planned. Use of the lecture recording system is limited to College of Engineering courses and events.
    • Student response system kits (to support “clickers“) are available upon request to College of Engineering instructors. Students purchase clickers to use with the system.
  • Event Panels” are located in several classrooms, with more installations planned, that allow easy access to the room presentation system’s video, audio, and computer output to A/V producers who are recording an event.


The goal of CAEN and the College’s Office of Instructional Technology is to provide consistent, easy to use, and reliable technology to enhance learning and teaching for instructors and students in every classroom scheduled and maintained by the College. Classroom technology has a self-service orientation, facilitated by easy to use in-room control systems and setups pre-configured by CAEN staff. Classroom technology is actively supported and enhanced by CAEN. Other related technology, including desktop and room-based conferencing and collaboration systems, also receive limited support.


Staff members are available to provide one-on-one support to faculty who are interested in using technology in their courses:

  • To reserve a College of Engineering classroom, contact the College’s Room Scheduling office at (734) 647-7112.
  • To report building/facility problems, call the Facilities Management Office at (734) 647-7070.
  • To report equipment problems in the classrooms, call the CAEN Help Desk at (734) 764-CAEN [2236].
  • To request training for a particular facility, contact CAEN.
    Note: Please give a minimum of one week’s notice due to schedule constraints.