Staff Computing at the College of Engineering

Welcome to the College of Engineering!

Before getting started at CAEN, you may want to learn about the many University-wide computing and information technology services provided to staff.


Your CAEN Account

Staff member using CAEN's Engineering Base Desktop

As a staff member of the College of Engineering, you have access to many computing services from the CAEN to assist with your work, often referred to as a “CAEN Account.” These and other services provided by CAEN are meant to meet the unique computing requirements of College of Engineering staff.

Connecting to the Network

Wireless (Wi-Fi) network access is available in all College of Engineering buildings and the Duderstadt Center.

Wired (Ethernet) access is available in all College of Engineering buildings, which is especially important if you perform your work on a desktop computer.

Online File Storage

College of Engineering staff receive a large amount of online file storage as part of their CAEN account. This storage is backed up regularly to protect your important files, and it provides easy access when logging into any CAEN computer.

College of Engineering IT Security Community

Information and resources for members of the College of Engineering IT Security Community.

Questions or Problems?

Additional details on the topics described above, and more, are available via the CAEN Knowledge Base. Consultants are also available to answer specific questions about all CAEN services.