Staff Computing at Michigan Engineering


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Welcome to Michigan Engineering! Several computing and information technology (IT) services are provided to you as a Michigan Engineering staff member, and designed to support your productivity.

 There are three main campus IT providers you may work with:

  • Departmental IT Support Staff are available locally to assist you with the daily desktop and IT support needs within your department.
  • Information and Technology Services (ITS) is U-M’s central IT organization and offers a standard set of computing services to all U-M staff.
  • CAEN is Michigan Engineering’s IT group and provides computing tools and support for  Engineering staff.

Computing Access

Michigan Engineering staff members are automatically set up with CAEN Access, which provides a set of Engineering-specific computing services. In addition, all U-M staff receive access to a standard set of computing services from Information and Technology Services (ITS).

Connecting to the Network

MWireless is the Wi-Fi network you will access to securely connect your devices to the Internet in all U-M campus buildings. Wired (Ethernet) access is also available in all Michigan Engineering buildings. Visitors or guests on campus can use the MGuest Wi-Fi network, and individuals from other participating institutions can use Eduroam   to connect to the Internet securely. 

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

The U-M Virtual Private Network (VPN) is available to all Michigan Engineering staff to provide a secure computing experience when accessing a U-M network from a remote location.

Online File Storage & Backups

Engineering staff are provided with a large amount of cloud storage from U-M DropBox and U-M Google Drive, as well as access to other storage options. CAEN provides an additional allocation for file storage on CAEN lab computers.

Presentation & Event Recording

CAEN provides a lecture recording service to faculty for recording lectures in Michigan Engineering classrooms and auditoriums. Staff may also request access to this service for recording departmental presentations, seminars, and events.


Michigan Engineering has a telecommuting policy for staff who are eligible to work from home, or otherwise from an off-campus location. CAEN or your local departmental IT support staff are available to assist staff with accessing and using technology while telecommuting.

Information Technology Security

IT security is a shared responsibility, and is especially important for staff who work with research data. CAEN works with representatives from across the university to ensure information technology activities meet unit requirements and support College’s mission.

Questions or Problems?

Additional details are available via the CAEN Knowledge Base. Consultants from CAEN  or your local departmental IT support staff are also available to assist you.

Additional Resources for Staff