The Michigan Engineering Moderated Email Lists

  • CAEN moderates “official” and “unofficial” email lists for distribution to all regular Michigan Engineering faculty and staff.
  • The Office of Student Affairs maintains a system for communicating to Michigan Engineering students.
  • Michigan Engineering Administration sets the policies for all list memberships, and the requirements for moderation.
  • Lists maintained by individual departments are not affected by this process.

The purpose of the moderated email lists is to satisfy the need for the University community to reach regular Michigan Engineering faculty and staff using a centrally-maintained system. The lists are populated regularly from Michigan Engineering and University data sources. Moderation of the email lists may introduce delays in the distribution of messages.

The Office of Student Affairs maintains email lists that provide a method for members of the University community to communicate information regarding events and announcements to the Michigan Engineering students. For more information on this system and how to submit, refer to the page on Communicating to Michigan Engineering Students.

For a list of tips for using the email lists and authoring good email content, see this page about best practices.