Web & Email Services

  • College of Engineering faculty and departments can take advantage of self-service web publishing tools provided by CAEN.
  • Additional consulting on web solutions is available to Engineering departments.
  • CAEN staff can also consult with College of Engineering departments about using moderated email lists.

Web Publishing Service

To support College of Engineering faculty and departments in their communications endeavors, CAEN offers a Web Publishing Service using WordPress for managing content. The service includes tiered offerings available for both administrative and academic units. Faculty are entitled to use the Web Publishing Service to promote their work activities or research interests. The service includes design templates, web servers, and varying degrees of support to maintain websites.

Content Management for www.engin.umich.edu

Additionally, CAEN provides the Content Management System infrastructure for the Office of Communications & Marketing, which is responsible for publishing the College of Engineering web presence at www.engin.umich.edu.

College of Engineering Moderated Email Lists

CAEN moderates “official” and “unofficial” email lists for distribution to regular College of Engineering faculty and staff. The College Administration sets the policies for all list memberships, and the requirements for moderation.

Departmental Moderated Email Service

CAEN’s moderated email service provides College of Engineering departments with a secure way to administer and maintain email lists to communicate University business with faculty, staff, students, and other affiliates.

Further Help

College of Engineering faculty and staff who have needs for web or email solutions are welcome to contact the CAEN Web Services team. Staff members who have expertise in identifying solutions – based on a variety of technologies – may be available to meet, evaluate your needs, and connect you with the right on-campus resources (or otherwise).

CAEN’s role may include capturing requirements, identifying and evaluating potential technology solutions, and brokering an engagement with a third-party vendors.