Senior Management Team

CAEN is organized as an administrative department, reporting to the College of Engineering Dean’s office, and is led by the Dan Maletta, Executive Director of Information Technology.



Mark Giuffrida

Mark Giuffrida

Director of CAEN

(734) 936-1825

Nicole Heffernan

Nicole Heffernan

Manager of Web Services

(734) 764-1422

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Don Lambert

Manager of the Engineering Student Computing Environment

(734) 647-8055

Dan Maletta

Daniel Maletta

Executive Director of Information Technology for the College

(734) 936-3565

Steve Mattson

Steven Mattson

Associate Director of Technology and Infrastructure

(734) 936-3561

John Muckler

John Muckler

Associate Director of IT Operations and Facilities

(734) 936-3501

Amadi Nwankpa

Amadi Nwankpa

Faculty Liaison and Associate Director of Software Application Services

(734) 763-6812

Philip Treib

Philip Treib

Director of Instructional Technology

(734) 936-2310