Student Computing at the College of Engineering

Welcome to the College of Engineering!

Several computing and information technology (IT) services are provided to you as a Michigan Engineering student designed to support your academic success. There are two main IT providers you may interact with:

  • CAEN – The College of Engineering’s central IT group provides information technology and academic computing support.
  • ITS – The University of Michigan’s central IT organization offers a standard set of computing services.

Online Orientation to Computing at the College

In addition to the information below, we provide an online orientation to computing at the College of Engineering. It uses the University’s learning management system, Canvas, to organize topics. Click the link below to step through the orientation:

Selecting a Personal Computer

The College of Engineering does not require students to own a personal computer, but encourages those who are interested in purchasing one to consider the many available options.

Your Computing Accounts

Students using a CAEN Collaborative Workstation

As a newly enrolled College of Engineering student, you are eligible for an Engineering computing account (also known as a CAEN Account), which includes a set of computing services that will assist you in completing your Engineering coursework. A CAEN Account is needed to use software in CAEN computer labs, and access your Engineering online file storage. Your account should be active by the first day of classes for the term in which you are first enrolled.

All U-M students receive access to a set of standard computing services from ITS (Information and Technology Services). ITS provides you with your main University login, also known as your uniqname. You will use your uniqname and corresponding UMICH password to login and access the computing and online services at U-M.

Connecting to the Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network

Wi-Fi network access, called MWireless, allows you to connect your devices to the Internet in all U-M campus buildings. If you have visitors or guests to campus, a network called MGuest allows them to easily connect and receive basic internet connectivity.


Due to the requirements of Engineering-related coursework, CAEN provides many additional software packages that are available on computers in campus labs, as well as remotely.

There are many software applications that Engineering students can install on personal computers at no cost. The current list of applications and restrictions is available at.

ITS provides a set of software applications for U-M students to access from campus computing sites.

Computer Labs

As an Engineering student, you can use your CAEN Account to gain access to dedicated CAEN computers in many locations across campus.

ITS campus computing sites provide access to workstations for use by all U-M students.

Online File Storage & Backups

As an Engineering student, you have multiple online file storage options. Every student at the University receives unlimited cloud storage from U-M Box and U-M Google Drive. CAEN also provides you with an additional allocation that can be easily accessed for storing and working with files on CAEN computers. All of these options are backed up regularly to protect your important files, and are recommended over using external media which can be broken, lost or stolen.

Logging in from Off-campus

Engineering students can access many CAEN lab services remotely from personal computers, including logging into lab computers, accessing online file storage, and printing. Note: Due to licensing restrictions, some software applications can only be accessed from on-campus computers.


Engineering students use a common University printing allocation to print in both the CAEN computer labs and the ITS Sites computer labs. You can print from on-campus computers, or remotely from your personal computer or device.

View Lectures Online

CAEN’s Lecture Capture Service allows you to access online recordings of your course lectures. You should check with your course instructor to see if your lectures will be recorded.

Equipment Checkout Service

An equipment checkout service is available to College of Engineering students. The program is administered by CAEN, and checkout is performed by the Library Reserves/Information Desk on the second floor of the Duderstadt Center.

Questions or Problems?

Additional details on the topics described above, and more, are available via the CAEN Knowledge Base. Consultants are also available to answer specific questions about all CAEN services.


Other Campus Resources for New Students