Departmental IT Support Staff

Most department’s at the College of Engineering have local IT support staff that can assist faculty and employees with non-CAEN, departmental-related computing support needs. The list below is current as of Fall 2020:

Department Main Contact Phone Email
Administration (LEC) Aaron McKnight (EACS) 647-7055
Aerospace Dave Mclean 936-0109
Biomedical Erik Keup 647-3051
CAEN Aaron McKnight (EACS) 647-7055
Chemical Michael Africa 764-0012
Civil & Environmental Rebi Varghese 763-9109
CLaSP Faye Ogasawara 615-7616
EECS Don Winsor (DCO) 763-6323
IOE Chris Konrad 763-1377
Integrative Systems + Design ISD Support 647-7197
Materials Science Kevin Worth 936-0173
Mechanical Matthew New 763-8906
NAME Chris Eckmeter (CAEN) 936-0573
Nuclear Charles Wiykovics (CAEN) 764-1744
UMTRI Robert Schultz 936-1116