CAEN Policies

By obtaining a CAEN Account or using College of Engineering information technology resources, you accept certain University Rights and Responsibilities, and agree to abide by the policies and guidelines put forth in the CAEN Conditions of Use, including:

  • I agree to comply with all University policies, and state and federal laws concerning appropriate use of CAEN information technology resources including computing accounts, software, networks, facilities, and services. I will not share these resources with others who are not authorized.
  • Students: I understand that information technology resources are made available to me and by my use, and I accept both those privileges of use and my obligations as a student under the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities.



CAEN provides many information technology resources and strives to make the computing environment as pleasant and productive as possible for the College of Engineering community. Information technology plays an important role in nearly all aspects of one’s academic and professional activities. Students, faculty, and staff all depend on a high quality and consistent computing environment in order to be productive and achieve their goals. Unfortunately, there are ways in which the integrity of the College’s information technology environment may be compromised. An important part of CAEN’s ability to maintain a useful information technology environment is to make people aware of various policies and guidelines that govern the use of information technology on campus, so that members of our own community do not adversely impact the overall environment and those who use it.

Rights & Responsibilities

All students, faculty and staff members of the University of Michigan must accept certain rights and responsibilities regarding the use of their computing accounts, computer facilities, software, and network services across campus. These include:

  • Respecting the rights and privacy of other users
  • Respecting the legal protection provided by copyrighting and licensing of data and software
  • Respecting the intended use of network resources
  • Respecting the intended use of systems for electronic exchange, such as email
  • Respecting the security and integrity of the system or network
  • Respecting the financial structure of the network
  • Adhering to all general University policies and procedures
  • Adhering to local, state, federal and international law

Failing to abide by these rights and responsibilities is considered a serious breach of community standards and may result in exposure to disciplinary action by the University. In addition, all students, faculty and staff members of the University of Michigan must comply with all state and federal laws concerning appropriate use of information technology. Since some violations of University policies are also illegal, violators also may face civil or criminal charges. For specific information about University of Michigan information technology policies and guidelines, refer to the University of Michigan Information Technology Policies and Guidelines web page.

CAEN Conditions of Use

U-M Standard Practice Guide (SPG) section 601.07: Responsible Use of Information Resources states that individual departments may define their own additional “conditions of use” for the information technology under their control. CAEN’s Conditions of Use (below) put forth core policies that are specific to computing at the College of Engineering.

Fair Use Policy

In an effort to provide quality services and maintain the fair allocation of networked, wireless and other shared resources for all CAEN users, CAEN must occasionally take steps to prevent some individuals from overusing resources. CAEN will request that individuals who are overusing resources, and thereby preventing others from accessing them, moderate or change their usage. If CAEN staff is unable to make contact with the individual, or if the impact is very significant or widespread, access to those resources may be disabled temporarily without notice.

Examples of resource overuse include, but are not limited to, the excessive use of the Linux Login Service, network and wireless bandwidth, disk space, web traffic, email, or any other use that adversely impacts the network resources shared by the College of Engineering and the University of Michigan.

Adhering to Software Licensing Agreements

The use of software available through CAEN is controlled by licensing and other agreements entered into by the University of Michigan and various authors, publishers and vendors. Many of these agreements include terms that prohibit the copying, redistribution, commercial use, or other specified actions. It is the responsibility of every University user to protect the security of licensed software and maintain the confidentiality of licensed software, and to refrain from disclosing licensed software and documentation, or any information regarding licensed software, to any other third party.

Some licensed software available at CAEN, or in other areas of the College, is subject to regulation by the United States government agencies which prohibit export or diversion of licensed software, information about licensed software, and end-items produced by use of licensed software to certain countries. You are not allowed to export in any manner, either directly or indirectly, any product or end-item thereof without first obtaining all necessary approvals from the appropriate University of Michigan and United States government agencies.

Computer Lab Policies

CAEN computer labs and facilities are a college-wide resource and are available only to authorized individuals. In order to maintain a comfortable and productive lab environment for everyone, CAEN relies on the cooperation of the user community to be sensitive and respectful to others who use the facilities. Users are required to act responsibly in these facilities and to not engage in any actions that would intentionally cause disruption of service, destruction of property, or disturbance of the lab environment. Specific guidelines can be found in the CAEN Computer Lab Policies.

Network & Wireless Policy

It is the responsibility of all users to respect the integrity of the College of Engineering network. Users shall not intentionally develop or use programs that harass, alter, disrupt, or damage other computers or network services. CAEN obtains network and operational data for the purpose of analyzing network performance, backing up data, and monitoring activity for security purposes. If researchers require access to any of this data for their research, it is their responsibility to apply for access by following the procedures set forth by CAEN and the U-M Research Ethics & Compliance.


For more information on the CAEN Conditions of Use, or any policy outlined on this web site, contact CAEN. Thank you for using University of Michigan information technology resources responsibly.