Pilot Software Program

In an effort to bring new and exciting instructional software to the College of Engineering, CAEN will be offering faculty the opportunity to pilot a variety of such titles. There will be several opportunities for faculty to try out new instructional software in order to facilitate numerous teaching tasks.

During the pilot software program, CAEN will support and maintain each software title for the duration of the pilot timeframe. The software titles currently being piloted are listed below.

Pilot Software List

The following instructional software titles are available for the Fall 2023 term. This page will be updated when the current pilot term ends.   

Prairie Learn

  • Mastery Learning and Assessment
  • Immediate feedback for students
  • Randomized question variants until students achieve mastery
  • Incentivized to repeat questions until mastery is achieved
  • Score adaptively based on student mastery and question difficulty
  • Automate the submission and grading process
  • Analyze assessment quality and student outcomes
  • Join the pilot by contacting caen@umich.edu

Poll Everywhere

  • Student Response System
  • Integrates with Canvas
  • Share polls and results with other faculty/GSI’s
  • Easily monitor participation and Understanding
  • Instantly export graded responses to Canvas
  • Join the pilot by filling out the Poll Everywhere Account Request Form


  • Peer Assessment and Team Member Evaluation tool
  • Peer grading algorithms based on over a decade of research
  • Students build critical analysis, collaboration, and other work-ready skills
  • Purpose built and easy to use for students and instructors
  • Integrates with Canvas
  • Join the pilot by contacting caen@umich.edu

For more information about these tools or to inquire about joining the pilot software program, please email caen@umich.edu.