Michigan Engineering Student Project Teams

CAEN computer labs and remote access resources are intended to support the course-related, instructional needs of enrolled Michigan Engineering students. Since Engineering Student Project Teams provide a valuable educational experience to students, and non-Engineering U-M students may be members of these teams, CAEN provides those members access with the following requirements:

  • Students must be enrolled in a U-M course during the current term, and must be in good standing with the University, as verified by Wolverine Access.
  • The need for CAEN Access must be established in written form by the team’s Michigan Engineering faculty advisor by submitting a request online at Contact CAEN, or by email to caen@umich.edu, stating that the student requires access for their team duties.

Before submitting the request, faculty advisors are asked to consider the following:

  • The availability of CAEN computers is valuable to enrolled Michigan Engineering students, as each “seat” represents a resource required for them to complete their course-related work.
  • The Duderstadt Center may be used as an alternative. It contains hundreds of CAEN computers that are open to all U-M students, and provide access to the same software that is available in the CAEN labs located in Engineering buildings.

In addition, any student granted access to CAEN computers should know that they are subject to all U-M policies, including those outlined on the CAEN Conditions of Use page.