Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services used to build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice. Students may sign up for a Azure free account provided by Microsoft, which includes a $200 free credit (this option requires a credit card to sign up). Students can continue full Azure usage for a fee after their credit expires. If using Azure for research, students may also be able to take advantage of research grants.

Getting Started

Signing up for the Azure free account with your U-M credentials should automatically enable access, and grant you a free trial period. In addition, you will receive $200 free credit toward Azure products and services. You can apply this credit to services that aren’t in the free list, or to use more than your free amount of any service during the trial period.

Software & Services

Below is a list of just some of the free services offered by Microsoft Azure:

  • Create virtual machines in Windows or Linux from custom or marketplace images
  • Create, build, deploy, and manage applications from a single backend source
  • Create and manage storage for Azure files, archives, virtual machines, and more
  • Create and manage Docker container instances
  • Create and manage Kubernetes clusters
  • Create databases for Azure Cosmos DB, SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Training to learn Azure from Microsoft
  • And much more!


After the free credits expire, pricing for students can be estimated using Microsoft’s pricing calculator. Bills are calculated from the previous month’s activity. Billing concerns can be directed to Azure support.

Sensitive Data Compliance

Consult the U-M Sensitive Data Guide for information on the permitted data use with AWS. Note that personal AWS accounts may not necessarily comply even if the data type is listed as permitted. Students should consult with ITS Information Assurance (IA) if there are any questions about compliance.

Further Help

For further information on Microsoft Azure offerings available at the University, refer to the Microsoft Azure at U-M page. Below is a list of additional Azure support resources: