Cloud Computing for U-M Students

  • Various cloud computing services offer educational benefits available to University of Michigan students.
  • Processing, storage, databases, analytics, applications, and training are available to aid student coursework and research.
  • Some cloud computing services provide no-cost access for educational purposes, including annual credits, and research grants that can be applied to additional service offerings.


The term “cloud computing” can mean different things to different people, depending on their needs. Most services offer options for file and database storage, or processing time, and others offer services for more specific computing needs. U-M students already have options for no-cost access to the resources from several major service providers, and they can use them for their coursework or academic research endeavors.

Popular Services

Some cloud computing services offer free options to students for credits or trial account access:

GitHub has a curated collection of several other service offerings that are free to students available at the GitHub Student Developer Pack website.

Further Help

Refer to the main Comparing Cloud Computing Services at U-M page for tips on choosing the best service, or refer to the individual pages on what the University offers: