Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud offers a suite of products and services that includes application hosting, cloud computing, database services and more. At the University of Michigan, students can use Google Cloud Platform as a part of their U-M Google account. Students may sign up for a $300 free credit, which is good for 12 months. After the credits are gone, students may continue to use the free tier (this option requires a credit card). Students involved in disciplines that require computer science may also qualify for education grants.

Sensitive Data Compliance

Consult the U-M Sensitive Data Guide for information on the permitted data use with AWS. Note that personal AWS accounts may not necessarily comply even if the data type is listed as permitted. Students should consult with ITS Information Assurance (IA) if there are any questions about compliance.

Further Help

For further information, including a link to the request form, refer to the U-M Google Cloud for Students page.