CATME – Peer Evaluations


CATME, Comprehensive Assessment for Team-Member Effectiveness, is an online tool that can be used by Michigan Engineering instructors to conduct peer evaluations and prepare students to work effectively in teams. It allows student teams or course groups to collaborate on the evaluation process, and helps instructors gather information from students to understand their team experiences. CATME includes several components to accomplish this:

  • Peer Evaluation: Perform self and team evaluations to rate processes
  • Rater Practice: Rating simulations and training for students to practice evaluations
  • Team-Maker: Use criteria from surveys when assigning students to teams

How to Obtain Access to CATME


Michigan Engineering faculty members and instructors may request access by filling out the CATME Instructor Account Request form. Make sure to enter your email address in the form in order to associate your account with the U-M license terms.

In addition, when submitting students for access, it will be important to submit the email address for each student you intend to use CATME. The license allows for unlimited instructor and student use of the CATME system during the 12-month license year, which runs annually from July 1 to June 30.

Further Help

CATME provides an extensive library of online support modules. Instructors may also email CATME directly at, or use their online form to report problems with access or ask questions about using the system.