Michigan Engineering Outreach Program Access

Eligibility for Access

Attendees of Michigan Engineering outreach programs and other College outreach endeavors may use CAEN computer labs for their activities. In order for program attendees to be allowed to log into CAEN computers, an individual responsible for the program attendees (such as the coordinator) must contact CAEN in advance to reserve the computer lab(s) and obtain attendee access. Once access is obtained, program attendees are subject to the policies outlined in the CAEN Conditions of Use.

Limitations on Program Attendee Access

CAEN only provides attendees access to log in at CAEN computer labs that have been reserved by the program coordinator; no remote or virtual lab services are provided. Printing and file storage services are also not provided.

Since the primary purpose of CAEN’s computer labs is to support the course-related work of enrolled Michigan Engineering students, limitations are placed on program attendee access to ensure that Engineering students have uninterrupted access when the labs have not been reserved. As such, program attendee access to CAEN computer labs must be explicitly requested by the program coordinator, in advance of the start of the program by submitting a lab reservation request. Access will expire automatically at the end of the reservation period.

It is the responsibility of the program attendees to make copies of their data before they log out of any CAEN computer. All files or data saved on a CAEN computer after they have logged out will be irretrievably destroyed.

Note: Login access to CAEN computers does not guarantee that all software titles will be available to program attendees. Refer to our CAEN Lab Software Environment page for information on licensing restrictions, and how to request temporary access to specific software licenses.

Obtaining Access for Program Attendees

In order to grant computer lab access to program attendees, CAEN must be provided with information about each individual, including:

Note: Due to licensing restrictions, temporary uniqnames (e.g. um123456) will not work with CAEN computers, so it is necessary to use the Other University Affiliate role when submitting the sponsorship request to ITS.

Requesting CAEN Access for Program Attendees

It is the program coordinators responsibility to obtain the required information, and provide it to CAEN at least five business days prior to the start of the program (more notice is preferred). In addition to the full name and regular uniqname of each attendee, program coordinators must provide the locations of each CAEN computer lab that has been reserved for the program, and the expiration/end date of the program’s reservation. All information must be provided in spreadsheet form (e.g. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets), one attendee per row, with cells for each attendee listed in the following order:

Last Name First Name Middle Name * uniqname Expiration Date ** Reserved CAEN Lab(s)
  • * If no Middle Name is provided, you must leave a blank cell for this value
  • ** Format as two-digit day, first three letters of the month, and four-digit year, separated by hyphens (e.g. 01-SEP-2024)

Program coordinators should assume that any deviation from the above requirements may result in their request being delayed. CAEN will only accept the above information from program coordinators, in the above format. Program coordinators can simply attach the file in an email to CAEN.

Access to Other Campus Computing Resources

If program attendees require access to non-CAEN resources, the program coordinator must work directly with the organization responsible for those resources. For example, if program attendees require access to ITS computers, printers, or U-M Google services, the program coordinator must contact ITS.