CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE)

  • The CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) is the desktop computing experience for students.
  • Computers running the CLSE can be found in CAEN computer labs on North Campus, and many other locations across the University of Michigan (U-M) campus.
  • Eligible students simply use their U-M uniqname and UMICH password to log into CLSE computers.
  • Some applications available in the CLSE have access restrictions based on license, location, course enrollment, and an individual’s role at the University.

The CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) is a desktop computing experience for students and other eligible individuals who use CAEN computers. It is available for Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux on dual-boot computers, and is designed to enable ease of use and enhance productivity for Michigan Engineering students performing coursework and academic research. The software library bundled with the CLSE includes a large set of engineering-specific applications covering a wide range of disciplines, as well as software for general productivity.

Computers running the CLSE are available at many on-campus locations, including CAEN student computer labs, Engineering learning centers, and departmental instructional labs. They are also available via remote access from personal computers. Other campus locations such as the Duderstadt Center, the Wilson Student Team Project Center, and certain U-M residence halls have computers available that run the CLSE.

Logging In

Students use their regular U-M uniqname and UMICH password to log into the CLSE. This is the same username/password combination that is used to access most U-M campus services, such as Wolverine Access or MWireless. Logging into CAEN remote access services does require the use of Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Online File Storage

A student’s files can be saved for use from one login session to the next, so they are easily accessible each time they log into any Windows or Linux CLSE computer. This is done utilizing network storage provided via CAEN Home Directories, allowing students to log into any CAEN lab computer and begin working with their files immediately. Data stored in CAEN home directories can also be accessed remotely, and is automatically backed up regularly.

Software Access & Licensing Restrictions

All software applications available in the CLSE are licensed to be used for either “Student Instruction” or “Academic Research” purposes. Some applications may have licensing terms which restrict their use in other ways, such as only being accessible from on-campus networks, or only in particular computer labs. Details about the different types of restrictions are available on our Software Access & Licensing Restrictions page.

In cases where a software title has restrictions beyond the general Student Instruction or Academic Research definitions, a notation will be provided in our online software listing.

Requesting Access to Specific Software Licenses

Depending on an application’s licensing terms and one’s role at Michigan Engineering, individuals may not be able to access certain software in the CLSE. For example, while one may be able to log into CAEN computers, staff members or visiting scholars may not have access to the same software as enrolled students (see our online software listing for specific restrictions).

Individuals who would not otherwise be granted access to the instructional or research licenses of software may request access to an application by completing the CLSE Request for Software Access form. CAEN staff will review the license terms for the requested application, and grant access on a case-by-case basis according to eligibility and availability (i.e. submitting the form does not guarantee access to a license will be granted).

Updates and Support

CAEN actively maintains and supports the CLSE, which is primarily updated every Summer term in preparation for the following Fall term. This includes resetting any access to specific software applications, as described above. Patches and updates, including security-related updates, are applied throughout the year.


Questions about using the CAEN Lab Software Environment, including inquiries about software licensing restrictions, can be directed to the CAEN Help Desk.