Presentation Remotes


Presentation remotes allow instructors to control their presentations from almost anywhere in the room. CAEN recommends the Logitech Spotlight remote for Michigan Engineering instructors. Much like a traditional laser pointer, the Spotlight can be used to highlight areas of a displayed image. Where the Spotlight differs is it uses Bluetooth or a small USB receiver to connect to software installed on a Windows or Mac laptop. This offers some major advantages:

  • The pointer is more clearly visible on lecture recordings
  • It works well with LCD displays, which typically do not reflect back normal laser pointers
  • When presenting on multiple displays at once, such as those found in flexible classrooms, the pointer can be seen on all displays simultaneously
  • The pointer is configurable, including options for zooming in on an area, and adjusting its size

The Spotlight includes other useful features, such as a timer to help keep presentations on schedule, and an integrated rechargeable battery.

How to Obtain the Spotlight

The Spotlight presentation remote is available for purchase directly from Logitech, as well as several online vendors. Click the ONLINE RETAILERS button on the Logitech web page to see all purchasing options. Michigan Engineering faculty who would like to test out using Spotlight prior to purchasing can contact CAEN to request an in-person demonstration.

Further Help

Logitech offers a wide range of support documentation for using the Spotlight remote. Instructors may also contact CAEN with questions about using Spotlight in a Michigan Engineering classroom.