Flexible Learning Spaces

Availability and Features

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Maximum Capacity Movable Furniture Movable Whiteboards Perimeter Whiteboards Wall-mounted Monitors Extended Reality (XR)
Beyster 1690 40
Chrysler 133 85
Dow 2150 62
EECS 4440
(CAEN Lab)
EWRE 104 34
FMCRB 1050 56
FMCRB 1060 128
FXB 1008 60
FXB 1032 24
GFL 224
(CAEN Lab)
GGBL 1025 32
GGBL 1045 24
GGBL 2147 56
GGBL 2153 56
LBME 1130 58

Changing Layouts

GFL 224 CAEN Lab
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All furniture in these rooms can be easily wheeled around or folded/nested as needed. Instructors can create a variety of layouts specific to their class needs, ranging from rows for traditional lectures, pods for group collaboration, and larger clusters or circles for whole-class discussions.

There is no inherent or default furniture layout. Instructors can teach their students on how they would like the room configured, and students can arrange the furniture as needed before the start of each class.

Use of Wall-Mounted Monitors

Many rooms have wall-mounted monitors around the periphery, which can be connected-to in a few ways:

  • Instructor computer or tablet:
    • HDMI or VGA cable at the instructor podium/station
    • Wirelessly via “CAEN-Presenter” AirPlay network
  • Student laptop via HDMI or VGA connection at each wall-mounted monitor
  • CAEN desktop computers in the room, where available

Instructor Use of Monitors

Instructors use the touch panel on the lectern to send their source to the monitors. This is done by pressing one of the buttons under the Student Displays column:

Instructor’s touch panel from 133 Chrysler
Instructor’s touch panel from 133 Chrysler

Note: In most rooms, if the projector is being used along with the monitors, both must show the same source. This limitation is denoted on the touch screen with a small “linked” icon drawn between the Projector and Student Displays columns.

Student Use of Monitors

Rooms are being upgraded to a new button-based interface at each student station monitor that is used to select the monitor source:

Student buttons provided at each monitor in 4440 EECS
Student buttons provided at each monitor in 4440 EECS

Students can press these buttons at any time to switch the monitor source, and the button lights up to show which source is active. If none of the buttons are lit, the monitor turned off after a period of no signal (often 15 minutes). Pressing any of the buttons will power it back on.

Note that rooms without CAEN computers at each student monitor omit that button from interface:

Student buttons in 2147 GGB where CAEN PC is not available
Student buttons in G.G. Brown 2147 where CAEN computer is not available