About the Lecture Recording Service

  • CAEN’s Lecture Recording Service provides an automated recording of classroom lectures and events, and the ability to publish to the web or as podcast downloads.
  • Recordings contain separate videos for the instructor and whiteboard, audio, and projected content such as presentation slides, document cameras, or other video sources.
  • Faculty and instructors may submit a recording site request to use the service in any Michigan Engineering classroom at no direct cost.

The Lecture Recording Service is an automated, easy-to-use option for recording lectures and other events held in Michigan Engineering classrooms. Video and audio of the instructor are recorded, along with the room’s whiteboard, and any slides or other content being projected. It is a good solution for recording presentations as they are given to groups and for lectures where the content shown on the projector is the most important visual element of the presentation.

Recordings can be scheduled ahead of time, or made on an impromptu basis. Recordings made with this service can be viewed on the web or as podcast downloads. Most of the process is fully automated, and a web-based interface is provided to the instructor for the management of the recordings.

The Lecture Recording Service is built into most of the Michigan Engineering centrally-scheduled classrooms and is also available in several other shared facilities and recording studios. A list of rooms with recording capability can be found on our Availability page.

Note that the service is most often used for recording supplemental resources for on-campus students. If you are producing recordings that are intended for promotional, distance learning, or other outward-facing uses, you may want to work with a production group such as Nexus ([email protected]) for a higher level of production support.

For more information on using the Lecture Recording Service, refer to our Getting Started page.

Requesting a Recording Site

All recordings made on the Lecture Recording Service are stored online in collections called “Sites.” A site usually contains lectures related to each other, such as all sessions of a particular course, or each guest lecture in a lecture series. Each site has a unique URL that can be distributed to viewers using Canvas, e-mail, or other means.

To request the creation of a new site, fill out the Lecture Recording Site Request form.