Faculty & Staff Storage Allocations

  • Faculty and staff receive a network-accessible online file storage allocation, located on ITS MiStorage.
  • When using the Engineering Base Desktop (EBD) for Windows, files saved to the Desktop or Documents folders are stored in your CAEN Windows Home Directory, which can be accessed directly via the N: network drive.
  • Files that are created or updated have copies made on a regular basis to enable file recovery.


Faculty and staff receive a 50 GB allocation of network-accessible online file storage to support personal productivity when using the EBD for Windows. Both faculty and staff allocations are provisioned using ITS MiStorage. Files that are created or updated have copies made on a regular basis. These copies, called snapshots, are made to enable file recovery.

CAEN recommends the use of this online file storage over local disk or removable media, such as thumb drives which can be lost, stolen, or fail.

Faculty and staff storage allocations cannot be increased.

Roaming Profiles

In the EBD for Windows, when you change settings in many software applications, those settings will remain set when you use a different computer. The technology that enables this is called a Roaming Profile.

All computers running the EBD for Windows use Roaming Profiles instead of locally-stored user profiles. Roaming Profiles allow users to begin working quickly because they are not required to reset their environment each time they log in. Your Roaming Profile stores the files in your Desktop and Documents folders, as well as many of your application settings.

Do not delete the windat.V2 folder; these are essential for the Roaming Profile.

The windat.V2 Folder

A folder named “windat.V2” resides in every Windows Home Directory. Several important folders are redirected to the windat.V2 folder, including the Desktop and Documents folders. Files saved to your Desktop or Documents folders count against your quota, because they are stored in your Windows Home Directory. If you go over your quota, you may have trouble using the EBD for Windows.

Do not delete the windat.V2 folder.