Student Computing at the College of Engineering

Your CAEN Account

As a College of Engineering student, you are eligible for a CAEN Account. The services provided in your CAEN Account are tailored to meet your highly specialized needs as a Michigan Engineer. A CAEN Account is required to use computers in CAEN computer labs, access your CAEN online file storage, and to receive your supplemental printing allocation.

Students using a CAEN Collaborative Workstation

Selecting a Personal Computer

The College of Engineering does not require students to own a computer, but encourages students who are interested in purchasing a personal computer to consider the many available options.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Access

Wireless network access is available to all students in College of Engineering buildings and the Duderstadt Center.

Computer Labs

College of Engineering students have access to CAEN computers in many labs on campus.


Printing services are available to College of Engineering students in many locations across campus, including all CAEN computer labs.

Online File Storage

As part of their CAEN Account, College of Engineering students receive 50 GB of online file storage.

Software for Students at No Cost

CAEN works with software vendors to find applications that College of Engineering students can install on their personal computers.

Questions or Problems?

Additional details on the topics described above, and more, are available via the CAEN Knowledge Base. Consultants are also available to answer specific questions about all CAEN services.