CAEN Computer Labs & Other Sites with the CLSE

Notice: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CAEN computer labs have been updated for social distancing, including protective barriers, and a reduced number of computer seats. In addition, all labs will have reduced hours of 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight for cleaning.



Listed below are the CAEN computer labs and other locations on campus with computers that run the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE). While some spaces are operated by other departments, such as ITS, they provide computers that also offer access to the CLSE.

For the Winter 2021 term, CAEN computer labs have been designated for use in three ways:

  • Instructional Classrooms
    These rooms can only be reserved by faculty for course instruction, office hours, and other group uses. They require 36 square feet per occupant, with a minimum of six feet social distancing. A two-hour time limit is recommended.
  • Open Seating Labs
    These rooms can be used for student drop-in access. They require 144 square feet per occupant, with a minimum of six feet social distancing. No reservation requirements or time limits are imposed.
  • Reserved Seating Labs
    Occupants must reserve a computers in these rooms in order to use them. They require 70 square feet per occupant, with a minimum of six feet social distancing. Reservations must be made for a one-hour minimum, and can be reserved for up to two consecutive hours. More info…


CAEN Labs & The Duderstadt Center

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Type of Lab# of CLSE ComputersSocial Distancing CapacityInstructor Display / Projector
Beyster 1620Instructional Classroom2626
Beyster 1637Open Seating Lab0202 
Beyster 1695Open Seating Lab1617 
Chrysler 273Open Seating Lab1304 
Cooley 1934Reserved Seating Lab0404 
CSRB 2230Instructional Classroom1212
Duderstadt Center 2nd Floor South (2S)Reserved Seating Lab09TBD 
Duderstadt Center 2nd Floor Southwest (2SW)Reserved Seating Lab15TBD 
Duderstadt Center 3rd Floor East (3E)Reserved Seating Lab24TBD 
Duderstadt Center 3rd Floor East Alcove (3EA)Reserved Seating Lab22TBD 
Duderstadt Center 3rd Floor Northeast (3NE)Reserved Seating Lab71TBD 
Duderstadt Center 3rd Floor South (3S)Reserved Seating Lab20TBD 
Duderstadt Center 3rd Floor Southwest (3SW)Reserved Seating Lab45TBD 
Duderstadt Center 3rd Floor West Alcove (3WA)Reserved Seating Lab05TBD 
Duderstadt Center Lower Level (LL)CLOSED11TBD 
EECS 2331Instructional Classroom0910
EECS 2420Open Seating Lab0810 
EECS 4440Reserved Seating Lab0610
FMCRB 3000Open Seating Lab1708 
FXB B085Reserved Seating Lab1212 
G. G. Brown 2502Open Seating Lab0404 
G. G. Brown 2517Instructional Classroom1515
G. G. Brown 2570Reserved Seating Lab1010 
IOE G610Instructional Classroom1312
NAME 134Instructional Classroom1111
Pierpont B505Instructional Classroom1918
Pierpont B507CLOSED1716
Pierpont B521CLOSED1212
Shapiro B000Reserved Seating Lab1414 

ITS Computing Sites

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# of CLSE Computers
Angell Courtyard17
Baits II 100003
Bursley 250608
Couzens 121102
East Quad B33103
Markley 103602
Mosher Jordan 16302
Munger G11901
Northwood IV & V 21501
RAC 010607
South Quad 950302
Stockwell 101501
West Quad 301502