CAEN Labs & Other Areas with the CLSE

The tables below list the CAEN-managed computer labs and other on-campus locations with computers that run the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE). Several locations offer additional features such as stations for collaborative group work, and monitor-only stations for connecting a personal device. There are different types of CAEN labs available, including:

  • Standard CAEN Labs – Spaces that offer computer stations available to students on an open, walk-up basis. These can include both individual, and collaborative/group stations.
  • Instructional CAEN Labs – Designated CAEN-managed spaces that are reservable by instructors for course-related work. All reservable labs include a large monitor(s) or projector(s) for instructors to display content to the audience, as well as multiple computers for students to work on.
  • Classroom Dual-purpose Labs – Similar to instructional CAEN labs, these spaces are designated as Engineering classrooms, which can be reserved for regularly-scheduled courses, computer instruction, or project-based learning.

All CAEN-managed computer labs are available for student walk-in use when not reserved. A display outside the entrance will provide the reservation schedule.

In addition, many common areas around the College, such as lounges, atriums, and study spaces, have CAEN computers available for walk-up use. Other spaces on campus, including in the Duderstadt Center and at some ITS-managed computing sites, offer standard walk-up access to computers running the CLSE.

CAEN Computer Labs

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Total # of Computers Lab Type Reservable Lab Collaborative Stations Monitor-only Stations
Beyster 1620 50 Classroom Dual-purpose
Beyster 1695 10 Standard
Chrysler 273 13 Standard
Cooley 1934 12 Standard
CSRB 2230 26 Instructional
EECS 2331 21 Instructional
EECS 2420 22 Standard
EECS 4440 6 Classroom Dual-purpose
FMCRB 3000 17 Standard
FXB B085 24 Standard
GFL 224 13 Classroom Dual-purpose
GGBL 2517 47 Instructional
GGBL 2570 16 Standard
LBME 1130 12 Classroom Dual-purpose
NAME 134 32 Classroom Dual-purpose
Pierpont B505 7 Standard
Pierpont B507 7 Standard
Shapiro B000 30 Standard

Other Areas with CLSE Computers

The Duderstadt Center

The Duderstadt Center (DC) provides all University of Michigan employees and enrolled students with access to many computers running the CLSE. Depending on the area of the building, individuals will find computers at individual or collaborative/group stations. Monitor-only stations are also available, offering large displays for connecting a personal device.

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Total # of Computers Individual Computer Stations Collaborative Stations Monitor-only Stations
DC 2nd Floor South (2S) 9
DC 2nd Floor Southwest (2SW) 17
DC 3rd Floor East (3E) 12
DC 3rd Floor East Alcove (3EA) 22
DC 3rd Floor Northeast (3NE) 51
DC 3rd Floor South (3S)
DC 3rd Floor Southwest (3SW) 42
DC 3rd Floor West Alcove (3WA) 3

Common Areas

Some areas within College of Engineering buildings, such as lounges, atriums, and study spaces, may have CAEN computers available for walk-up use:

Total # of Computers Type of Area Individual Computer Stations Collaborative Stations Monitor-only Stations
GGBL 2502 4 Study Space
LBME 1100 4 Study Space

ITS Computing Sites

The following ITS-managed campus computing sites also provide a number of computers that run the CLSE: