U-M Cloud Storage with Kumo

  • When using the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) for Windows in computer labs, students can access their U-M cloud storage services directly using Kumo.
  • Kumo allows students to access their U-M Google Drive and U-M Box storage directly, so they can save their files without needing a separate client or browser window.


Kumo is a service available on all CAEN Windows lab computers that allows you to map your U-M cloud-based storage services, U-M Google Drive and U-M Box, as network drives. To start using the service, you must first authorize your U-M cloud storage accounts to be mounted as network drives on CAEN Windows computers. After authorizing, you should see them as optional network drives each time you sign into a CAEN Windows computer:

Using Kumo is preferred over installing “sync” clients or using a web browser, which can utilize much more network resources.

Setting Up Kumo

For instructions on setting up Kumo on a CAEN Windows computer, refer to our knowledge base. Questions or problems with using Kumo can be directed to the CAEN Help Desk.