Using Classroom Controls

Every College of Engineering classroom includes either a touch panel or button panel to operate the A/V equipment installed in the room. These panels provide an easy to use and consistent interface to the A/V features of a room, and eliminate the need for a projector remote control.

Use these panels to turn the projector(s) on and off, select which sources are displayed, adjust volume levels, and also to report problems with the A/V system. When using the A/V in a room, keep in mind that some devices take a moment to respond to your commands. The projector, for example, can take about 30 seconds to warm up when first turned on. It also may take a minute or more to cool down.

When you are finished using the A/V system, please turn off the projector(s) using this panel to help preserve the lamp life of the projectors.

Touch Panels

Touch Panel Image

Some classrooms are equipped with a touch panel to operate the A/V equipment installed in the room. The touch panels are usually located at the front of the room, on the instructor lectern. Use your finger to press the options on the panel as needed.

Button Panels

Button Panel Image

Most classrooms are equipped with a button panel to operate the A/V equipment installed in the room. The button panel is usually located on the wall near the front of the room or built into the lectern.

Note that while the projector is warming up or cooling down, the red light for the button you pressed will blink, and operation of other buttons may not be allowed until the delay has passed.


Classrooms are equipped with either manual (pull down) or electric (motorized) projection screens. Rooms with electric screens may have a separate switch on the wall to raise and lower the screen. In some rooms, the screen will be raised and lowered automatically when the projector is turned off or on. In rooms with this feature, a button is provided on the panel labeled Screen, which acts as a toggle to manually raise and lower the screen if desired.

Reporting Problems

A Report Problem button is included on the panel. If you believe the A/V system in the room is malfunctioning, you can use this button to notify support staff. The button acts as a toggle (on the button panel, a red light above the button indicates if the room is flagged as having a problem). If you are able to resolve the issue yourself, you can clear the problem report by pressing the button again until the red light is out.

Please note that although support staff will make every effort to correct the issue promptly, immediate response to problem reports is not always possible. If an immediate response is not possible, every effort will be made to check on the room during the next break in classes.