Web Publishing with WordPress at CAEN

As part of the Web Publishing Service, CAEN offers access to WordPress for hosting and managing content. Some features of using CAEN’s WordPress service include:

  • College of Engineering themes and page templates are provided, and are updated regularly.
  • Ability to feature auto-updated news from the College News Center.
  • Ability to have visually impactful photo rotations and image slideshows.
  • Ability to have graphical elements in sidebars.
  • Ability to create a people/contact listing with individuals’ profile information.
  • Provides a single, responsive menu for site navigation.

Limitations include:

  • No custom themes or page templates are allowed to be installed on individual sites.
  • No support for restricting access to Sensitive Regulated Data.
  • No password-protection for any content:
    • If any portion of a site’s content requires password-protection, other hosting options (e.g. U-M Google Drive or U-M Dropbox) will need to be used to secure the content, and be linked-to from the WordPress site.
  • No custom plugins are allowed to be installed on individual sites:
    • Due to the multi-site configuration of the WordPress server, individuals cannot install plugins on their sites. Since plugins can only be installed server-wide, CAEN must be careful and restrictive about what plugins are installed as we cannot be responsible for securing, updating, or maintaining multiple plugins for each individual site.

Detailed instructions for managing a WordPress site in CAEN’s Web Publishing Service are currently available in our Knowledge Base. For more information about CAEN’s Web Publishing Service, request a site, or email caen@umich.edu.