Web Publishing with WordPress

As part of the Web Publishing Service, CAEN offers access to WordPress for managing web content. Some features and limitations of using WordPress include:

  • A College of Engineering template and theme are provided, and are updated automatically.
  • Ability to have visually impactful photo rotations.
  • Ability to have graphical elements in sidebars.
  • Ability to feature events from the College Calendar automatically.
  • Ability to feature news from the College News Center automatically.
  • Provides a single, responsive menu for site navigation.
  • No Support for Sensitive Regulated Data
  • No password-protected content can be accommodated with CAEN’s WordPress implementation.
    • If any portion of a site’s content requires password-protection, other hosting options will need to be used and linked-to from WordPress, including U-M Google Sites, U-M Google Drive, or U-M Box.


Detailed instructions for managing a WordPress site in CAEN’s Web Publishing Service are currently available in our Knowledge Base, including several video tutorials. For more information about CAEN’s Web Publishing Service, or to request a site as part of the service, email caen@umich.edu.