AKG Wireless Mic System

Transmitter operation (pictured below-left)

  • Power switch
    The transmitter for this system has a 3-position switch. The middle position is unused, so make sure to slide the switch fully from one extreme to the other when operating. The switch must be in the ‘ON’ position for audio to be transmitted. Please return the switch to the ‘OFF’ position when you are finished using the transmitter to preserve battery life.
  • LCD display
    When the power switch is in the ‘ON’ position, the display on the front of the transmitter should show the estimated number of hours of battery life remaining.
  • Status LED indicator
    The status LED (to the left of the LCD display) should light when power is switched on. If the transmitter is muted or the battery is about to run out, the LED will appear red. If the transmitter is operating normally, with more than one hour of battery life remaining, the LED will appear green.


Charging the Microphone

When finished using the microphone, please return it to the charging base (pictured above-right). This will ensure the battery is kept charged for the next presenter.


No sound is heard from speakers
Check that the power switch is in the ‘ON’ position and that the LCD display indicates the number of hours remaining. Also ensure that the microphone is plugged in and properly positioned.

Sound is barely audible or distorted
Try positioning the mic closer to or further away from your mouth to achieve the proper audio level. If the volume is still unsatisfactory, please contact the help desk for assistance.