Moderation of the Michigan Engineering Email Lists

  • The policies for moderation of the email lists are set by the Michigan Engineering Administration.
  • The email lists are moderated by CAEN staff during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), based on moderator availability and when the University is open.
  • Additional policies are in place for moderation of the “official” email lists.

Email messages may be sent directly to the Michigan Engineering email lists. The lists are moderated based on requirements set by Michigan Engineering Administration, and to prevent viruses, unsolicited junk (Spam) email, spoofed messages, and phishing attacks. No email messages sent to the email lists will ever be modified by the moderators. If a message is sent to a list and it does not meet the requirements, the sender will be notified. If agreement is not reached with the sender about whether the message meets the requirements, the issue will be escalated to Michigan Engineering Administration for resolution.

Official List Moderation

In addition to the moderation policies above, it should be noted that the “official” email lists are only for use by approved members of the Michigan Engineering Administration (U-M Google login required) to communicate required information directly related to the recipient’s position in Michigan Engineering. If you are not an approved sender, authorization from the list steward must be granted in writing via email to [email protected] BEFORE your message is sent. Senders are responsible for acquiring any necessary authorization to send their message. You may request authorization to send your message by first sending an email to the list steward and Cc: [email protected] requesting approval.

If a message is denied or otherwise not authorized for distribution to an official email list, it may be submitted to the respective “unofficial” list (if applicable). For sending to students, refer to the page on Communicating to Michigan Engineering Students.