View Your Lecture Recordings

CAEN’s Lecture Recording Service allows you to access recordings of your Engineering course lectures online. Not all faculty choose to record their lectures, so you may not see all of your courses listed. Check with your course instructor(s) directly to see if your lectures will be recorded using this service.

Click the image or link below to view your available recordings.

View the Lecture Recordings for Your Course!

Note: Students who wish to obtain video file downloads of lecture recordings must contact their course instructors directly. Only the instructors of a course may authorize download access.


NEW: Lecture Rewind

Fall 2022: Lecture Rewind is available as an Assistive Technology Tool for Students

–Ever need to go back and see what your instructor showed several slides prior?
–Would it be helpful to see something on the whiteboard that has been erased?

Then you might be interested in the assistive technology feature, Lecture Rewind.

Lecture Rewind is a live slide/whiteboard viewer that can offer a better view of what is being presented in the room. Students can independently control the content they are viewing (projector content – slides or document camera, whiteboard) and rewind to any point during the active class session. If enabled, Lecture Rewind is available to students enrolled in the course when a class is being recorded.

Note that Lecture Rewind does not play back audio. It is best used when present in the room, though can be used while attending class remotely via Zoom.

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